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Why do you build me up (build me up) Buttercup, baby

17 May

Today’s anthem of the day is ….Yeah, you guessed it – Build me up buttercup.  You’re probably wondering why.  Well, first of all, I’d like to say, what a terrible song.  Terrible for two reasons.  One, it’s TERRIBLY catchy.  Two, it’s so so so so sad.  I’m not going to sing out (type out) the lyrics.  GOOGLE is amazing.  So, my advice to you – Google it!  You’ll understand what I mean.

It’s today’s anthem due to the mere fact that I’ve just realized that I haven’t written something in months.  I built you all up only to bring you down (see what I did there?;)).  I was on a roll for a while and then this blog was interrupted by the daily happenings of what ismy life.  HOWEVER, once I realized that I haven’t written in years, upon years, I thought to myself “I should probably start again, it was an amazing way to get rid of stress”.  I mean sure I’ve got friends to rant to.  And I do.  But there’s just something about writing to a group of people who don’t know me.  It’s my, not-so-secret, diary.

So from today on, I will, once again, try to write as much as possible.  Besides, you’ve all missed out on eons of photos, recipes and daily happenings.  I should probably update you :)

Stay tuned for tomorrows entry – Strawberry & Chocolate oat bars.  They’resoooooooooo good!



Okay, so I lied. . .

5 Mar

Not too long ago, well okay – a month ago today, I wrote a post titled Traditional Turkish Cooking and talked about attempting to cook traditional foods everyday (or every other day).  Clearly, I lied.  I have made absolutely no effort, whatsoever, to cook Turkish foods.  I’m not entirely sure why.  I’m still very interested in attempting it but I’ve just been so side tracked by cooking with zucchini, quinoa and Asian vegetables and sauces that Turkish food just isn’t a priority.  So I am writing this as a reminder, mainly to myself, that I will attempt different recipes at least once a week.  I’m not promising any photographs or recipes, unless of course I succeed and am proud of what I’ve cooked.  Heck, I may not even mention I’ve attempted cooking something if it turns out absurdly awful.

There are two reasons why I may not even mention the failed attempts, should they happen.  Number one, I feel like I would be failing my ancestors should I fail.  I’d feel as though cooking certain foods should just come to me, naturally.  Yes, I do realize how crazy that sounds.  Try not to judge too harshly!  Number two, well, I’ll probably try the recipe again till I succeed, in which case I will go on to write about the win rather than the lose.  I’m a perfectionist and have a hard time giving up on things.  Especially things that I am passionate about.

As you can see, I’m trying not to give up on this.  Trying is the key word here :).

Sweet dreams, good morning, hello/goodbye.



The two tables I am refinishing (dining room table as well as coffee table) should be done within the next two weeks, I’m hoping.  I reiterate, I never thought refinishing was so tedious.  Stay tuned for pictures of all the refinishing projects!

“Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon.”

15 Feb

As you’ve probably figured out, I love baking and cooking, baking more so.

There’s nothing like trying out new recipes with different ingredients, or even just working with what you’ve got.

Last night, a friend and I decided to make cheesecake.  What an absolutely failure that was.

We couldn’t figure out why it failed.  At first she kept blaming me for over filling the paper liners, which I knew couldn’t have been the problem.  Sure it was a problem but it wasn’t the problem.  There’s no way over filling the liners could have resulted in the cheesecakes not rising properly. Regardless, after making the most horrific looking cheesecakes, I gave up.  On top of attempting to bake them twice.  Don’t ask why..I just thought that might work.  It didn’t.

So when I got home, I decided to Google “spreadable cream cheese”, as that’s what we used instead of bricks.  We figured that was the smarter, more frugal, way to go.

Turns out, spreadable cream cheese does not make a great cheesecake.  Or a cheesecake at all.  See!  Not my fault, the over filling wasn’t what caused them to not rise properly.  Yay.  You’ve no idea how happy I was, and right away I decided to text her.  Unfortunately she’s at work, which means she won’t see my message right away.  Darnit.

I will say this though, the Dalai Lama said it right, “approach love and cooking with reckless abandon”.  Sticking to the norms and not trying things out will only keep you hidden from experience.

However, learn from my mistake, do not use spreadable cream cheese to make a cheesecake.


Mahatma Gandhi once said…

9 Feb
“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”  I’ve always loved this quote.  Something about it has always rung true.  I don’t know why, maybe because it is.  
Now, more than ever, I realize that tiny little word – mistake.  What exactly is a mistake?  Dictionary.com defines it simply:
  [mi-steyk]  noun, verb, -took, -tak·en, -tak·ing.
An error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc.
A misunderstanding or misconception.
As humans, we make mistakes.  We make mistakes daily.  Sometimes we are forgiven and others we are not.  However, in the society that we live in, it is entirely our prerogative to make these mistakes. 
Some mistakes are shackled to us like the shackles on an inmate, there is no getting rid of what has been done or said.  But is that not harsh?  Unjust?  I suppose it truly depends on the situation.
I’m a young adult; I’ve made mistakes and only imagine that I will make more.  I suppose you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about.
Let’s just say …I made a mistake and I could not agree with Gandhi more as I do now.  Freedom has been questioned, entirely.  Freedom not in the sense of prisoners in shackles: but freedom in the sense of opinions, judgments and even sympathies. 
I’m entirely too honest for my own good.  Like most characteristics this can be proven to be both a blessing and curse.  In the situation that I have put myself in, my honesty has proven to be nothing but a curse.  My honesty has made me make a mistake.  A vital mistake.  BUT a mistake nonetheless.  One that has been attached to my ankles like chains. 
I am talking in code, clearly, and I mean to.  I wish that I could explain what has happened and what I’ve said or done.  I can’t.  One can only help but avoid the repetition of such mistakes.
If you know me, you know what has happened.  If you do not, I hope that you can somewhat agree with what I’ve said.  Regardless, I just needed to rant :).


7 Feb

It’s 1:50-ish in the morning and I’m wide awake.
Today has been quite a day. Hectic as can be, tiring as can be.
I’m laying here, wide awake, going through Pins.
I came across this one. This quote. Down below.

It’s quite the quote. I adore it. I don’t hate love though. I just cannot help but agree with the way this quote is written. Regardless of what kind of love we feel – it does get inside you and it can most definitely, without a doubt, rip you apart.
This quote hit home on a hectic ad tiring day, like today.
It’s funny how the love we feel for someone or someones can affect our entire day(s) …good or bad.

Traditional Turkish cooking

5 Feb

The next few weeks, rather than solely focusing on baking, I’ll be delving more into the world of cooking. Cooking that my mum and the women of my family know by heart. Cooking I have no idea how to do.

Stay tuned. This should be interesting.


eggs IN toast.

31 Jan

I woke up this morning, feeling kind of….grumpy.  All I’ve done lately is school, school, school.  Aside from baking. But things just seem very, boring?  Yeah, I’d say that’s the right word.  Boring.  Maybe even repetitive.

So, I thought I’d change it up a little bit.  I’m not morning food person.  Actually, that could almost be deemed a lie.  I love pancakes and waffles and bowls of delicious fruit, even oatmeal.  Not bland oatmeal, oatmeal with maple syrup and brown sugar, or apple cinnamon.  Mmm.  However, when it comes to eggs and cereal.  I gag.  I don’t know why, but eggs, especially eggs, make me want to throw up.  I don’t mind so much if they’re covered in stuff to the point that I can’t taste that gross eggy taste, but if they’re not.  Gross.

You’re probably thinking “Okay?  I swear I see eggs in the picture….”.  Well, you do.  I was reading a blog last night, in bed, when I ended up coming across a woman around my age saying she used to hate eggs, but she decided to give them another shot.  In my mind I was thinking, “Oh my!  How bold of her!!!” (no sarcasm!!).  It made me realize that I haven’t had eggs in years.  And if she could do it, so could I!

Yeah, …no.  I made myself eggs and toast.  Eggs IN toast.  I made them all pretty, cut out stars in each and even topped them off with salt, pepper and feta.  They looked good and I was excited!

Big mistake.  Gag gag gag.  I’m not an egg person.  I cannot do it.  I can’t venture out of my comfort zone, which I thought I could do.  I like trying different things, different foods, different drinks.  Eggs are just not my thing.

If you have any suggestions on how I could POSSIBLY become an egg enthusiast, let me know.  Otherwise…

Forever an egg hater,

I did finish one whole piece of egg in toast.  Just to let you know:).