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I’m truly awful at this.

14 Aug

Here I am again, 75 days later and still haven’t written a single post about my cookies.  I was on a roll for a few months there and then I pretty much dropped off the face of the planet.  My excuse?  I’ve been busy ;).  Want to know the sad part?  I lost the recipe for those cookies.  My A.D.D riddled mind is on to new recipes and new projects!  Before I go on about the other projects and recipes I’ve decided to fill ya in on things I did start and never posted about again, till today.

You’ve probably forgotten but I refinished an old dresser and (said) I would refinish two tables (a dining room table and coffee table).  Fortunately, I did finish the dining room table, unfortunately…that poor coffee table is still in the garage.
If you’re confused about what I’m talking about this should help ya out.  Anywho, here are the after photos.  Please forgive the poop quality, my iPhone camera has water damage (not sure how that happened considering I’ve never dropped it into water) and my camera-camera is dead ATM.    The colour I was aiming for was a solid black, however, after applying the first coat we noticed it had a slight blue tinge to it.  I should have checked the paint can prior to applying but I was just SOOOOO antsy to get started.  Turns out the original colour I wanted – Starlight something or other – was replaced by this new one they handed me called Beluga.  Yep, that’s right, my re-finished dresser is called Beluga.  Sigh.  I wasn’t sure how I felt for the longest time but now that it’s in my room and the hardware is on it…I.  LOVE.  IT!  I wasn’t going to keep the original hardware, either, but I figured I would try them out and see what it looks like.  Turned out beautiful, in my opinion.

There you have it!  the finished product ;).  I’ll talk about my new to-do tomorrow or maybe even later on tonight.  I would right now, but my first coat of stain is dry.  Gotta go!


Mad love for Mad Men

28 Feb

Well, hello again.

I realize that it’s been quite a while since I’ve written, well over a week. Which is kind of odd for me, since I typically write every day or two days. Since I’ve started this blog, that is.

I’ve been busy though, what more can I say? Midterm season arrived in full gust and has now departed, thank goodness. And with that, I welcome back some freedom, yay!

What have I done with my little bits of freedom? PLENTY.

First and foremost, I refinished a dresser, have started the refinishing process of a dining room table as well as a coffee table. The coffee table is proving to be incredibly more tedious than the dresser was or the dining room table is, but I’m sure I’ll survive. As soon as I’ve finished all three projects I’ll be sure to post before and after pictures! Let’s just say, Beluga is the chosen colour (for the dresser and coffee table)…I bet your mind is wandering and you’re saying to yourself “beluga? huh? what?”. It’ll be a surprise.

Now, second, I’ve started watching Mad Men.


What an absolutely brilliant series. If you’re like I was, a Mad Men virgin – WATCH IT. Now. I don’t know what else to say about this show, although I’m only on the first season, I’m hooked. 100% hooked. It’s one of those shows where you think you know the characters, and just as you do know them, turns out you don’t. Gripping, grasping, addicting.

Mind you, I’ve a fascinated with all things 1950s and 60s so this series is perfect, the clothing, the cars, the accessories, the homes, the furniture, the language. I’m in love. Oh, and the story is obviously good as well. Better than good actually, brilliant ;).



I’ve also continued my baking, however, haven’t taken as many photos as usual. I will be posting a recipe for Ginger Orange Cupcakes (which are to die for, and a little more muffin-y, in my opinion) – Stay tuned!