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A little scatterbrained.

23 May

Is scatterbrained a word?  I was typing it out, put a space between “scatter” and “brained” but even that didn’t look right.  Although, what I have written out doesn’t look all that right either.  (Note: this is how I’ve been all day).  When I decided I wanted to write something out tonight I couldn’t figure out what I’d start with or where I’d go.  So here goes.

First!  Can I just tell you how honestly heartbroken I am that House is over?  Obviously, you clued in by my last post House, Hugh Laurie & heartbreak.  I feel, though, that I should explain to you why.  Well, reiterate why.  Besides that it was a show unlike any other, sarcastic asshole being the main character, a show that played for eight long years and questioned every viewers ideals for even remotely liking a sarcastic asshole.  Gregory House wasn’t all that bad.  If you haven’t seen the final episode of the series then you might want to stop reading here.  When, I thought he was dead, when that building exploded, I was frantic.  How could they end eight years just like that!  Luckily, they didn’t.  When House sent Wilson that text saying “shut up you fool”, I knew he wasn’t really dead.  House did the nicest, kindest most genuine thing he could have done.  He let everyone believe he really did die in that inferno in order to spend Wilson’s last few months together.  So, people, this is why we love him.  Deep down, EVERYONE, believed that there was some good in House.  At least, I know I did.  I will admit this, I cried like a seven year old girl who has lost her favourite Barbie.  Not at the end of the show, but the beginning.  WAH!

Second!  I was going to do a chevron bracelet tutorial, like I said I would, but honestly I just don’t have the time to take the pictures and explain how to.  This will have to wait a little while longer.  If you can’t wait, I am really sorry :(,but our dear friend Google can help.

Third!  I was on Pinterest again last night, as usual, and came by an absolutely easy and delicious recipe for pistachio and rose water ice cream.  Yep, the picture above.  Doesn’t that just look and sound dreamy?  I literally went “…god” as I saw the picture for it and almost died when I read the recipe.  S-I-M-P-L-E.   Rather than typing the recipe and preparation out, here’s the link – Javane’s Kitchen.  Check out her other recipes, if you like (or as I do, love) Persian cuisine, you’ll fall for her recipes.

NEXXXXT…..I came by this app called Inkflow a few days ago.  I’m one of those people who LOVES to doodle and actually write out notes.  I’ve tried a bunch of different apps in the last few years of owning an iPhone and nothing has quite compared to this.  It’s not entire too sensitive and very very easy to control.  There is a free version and a paid version.  Give it a shot if you’re like me.  Click the photo or the link below for more info :).



Born in the wrong generation

20 May

Have you ever thought you were born in the wrong generation?  I can’t help but think I was.  There’s just something about 1930s to 1950s that gets my heart beating.  The music, the clothes, the art, the cars!  Ah!

It’s funny thinking about it… while tapping away on my laptop, checking my texts ever two seconds, waiting for that certain someone to text back (yeah, I’m a total sob).  But seriously!  All day, today, I’ve been working on math home and listening to good ol’ rockabilly tunes, big bands and swing.  It seems to have got me thinking more and more about the times where things were slightly more simple.  Mind you, were they?  I mean, heck, people had to actually SEE each other, pick up a pen and paper and WRITE.  Holy moly ;).  I don’t think I’ve written an actual letter in forever.

Nostalgia is beautiful.

Which brings  me to my next thought.  Do I really think I was born in the wrong era?  I have to say, yes and no.  If it weren’t where we are now, I wouldn’t be able to listen to avariety of music.  Which wouldn’t really help my silly music A.D.D.  However, then it gets me thinking, would I even have music A.D.D. back then?  I mean sure, there were different genres then too but how many of them would have been at my finger tips?

It’s just such an odd thought because you find yourself wanting to be there, dying to be there but could any of us leave where we are now (if we could) and go back to whatever era we are in love?  Would we love it the same in that case?  It reminds me of a Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams movie – Midnight in Paris.  They bring up this very same thought through out the movie.  Well, Owen Wilson’s character does.  I, highly, recommend it.  It’s almost got a dark humour to it.  Anywho…

Just food for thought.  I can tell you right now, I would miss the hell out of my iPhone and laptop.  Oh and PVR.  Can’t forget about PVR.  If it weren’t for that, I’d never be able to watch my shows ;).

Which now brings me to my other random “thing” of the day.

Rather than baking or cooking today, to go with my Nostalgic Nancy feeling, I decided to make little bracelets for my sister.  DIY chevron bracelets, in all black, with a teal bead clasp.  They turned out super cute.  Thank you Pinterest, once again!  I’ll do a tutorial when I decide to get different colour embroidery thread – it’s just far too annoying with black.

So there ya have it – my long weekend Sunday, spent in an entirely different world :).


RRRRoll up the rim to win!

29 Feb

February 20th marked the beginning of Roll Up The Rim To Win (if you’re not familiar with it, click the link and read up!). As a Canadian who is a complete Tim Hortons-aholic, I love this time of the year.  Well, most of the time.

I drink coffee everyday, if I don’t make it at home -which in all honesty I never do, I go to Timmys.  There’s something about how they make coffee that just makes it that much better.  And now that roll up the rim is back, well gollllly!  Can’t get any better than that.

HA!  I wish that last bit were true.  Since the 20th I have had approximately 14 roll up the rim beverages.  Whether it be coffee, tea or hot chocolate.  Mainly coffee, shh.  And guess what!  I have seen nothing but the “Please Play Again”, I have lost 0 out of 14 times.  0 for 14.  How does that even work!?  I’ve won zero times.  Not even a measly little donut (that I wouldn’t eat ;)).  Nothing.

I’m not bitter, I swear.  I just don’t understand it.  It’s not just me either, I have friends that are 1 for 20+.  Does that mean I’ll maybe, potentially, possibly win after 19 cups?  4 more to go, ladies and gentlemen!  Cannot wait.  Okay, okay, maybe I am a little bitter.

I want to win something!!!  Even if it is just a donut.  Although, I’d MUCH MUCH MUCH rather prefer a donut.  I would just really like not to see the “Please Play Again” because honestly, it’s not making want to play again, even if the cup is being polite.

So, let me know, have you won?  What’s your win/lose ratio?




14 Feb

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10 Feb

That agenda, up there, yep, that’s my life.  Typically I’d say that my cellphone is my life.  My cellphone goes wherever I go and is pretty much attached to me.  BUT my agenda(s) are even more important than my phone.  I know, I know, I could just get rid of the agenda and use my phone calendar or get an app.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried that.  It’s not that I’m SO old school that I didn’t even give my phone a chance.  I did.  It’s just that, I remember things when I actually write them down.  I’m one of those people who has to use a pen and paper in order to really get my tasks done.  I need to be able to use a highlighter and highlight what has been completed, tick my to-do list and add tiny little notes only I can understand.  My phone just doesn’t cut it.

I could say “when I can do all of those things on my phone, then sure I’ll switch” but I know I can already.  Cellphones these days aren’t what they used to be, no need for T-9 texting, no sirry!  It’s just that when that reminder pops up on my iPhone screen, guess what I do?  I press cancel or ignore or any other “leave me alone!” options it gives me.  Whereas, with an actual agenda, that’s open in front of me, with all my to-dos and homework displayed, I can’t hit a single button and ignore it.  It’s there.  Boy, is it there.

You’ve figured I’m picky, well…yes, I am.  I’m even picky about the kind of agenda I use, teehee.  I need enough room to write everything down as well as a view of my entire week, rather than a day is a single page kinda’ deal.  Picky.  I’ve tried different ones and have found the one about to be my favourite and I haven’t even had it that long!

myAgenda is by momAgendas.  They’re gorgeous as well as incredibly useful.  You’ve got a section for your phone numbers, vacation plans, homework plans, notes, party plans, recipes…everything in an agenda that fits in your purse.  Okay, well maybe not.  I have fairly HUGE purses, so it fits in mine :).

Where can you get these?  Well, any Indigo or Chapters!  I got mine for $10, but typically they’re above $20.



Rubber Ducky, you’re the one….

30 Jan
…I don’t have a fascination with rubber duckies, I’m not crazy about them, I don’t use them, nor are they my “very best friend”.  That fella up there, the rubber ducky, is Mila’s new toy.  I found out a while ago that she loves chewing on them.  So I decided to buy her a nice big one, that would keep her occupied for hours and not give her gas.  Boy, does she have awful gas.  It’s terrible.
The reason behind the rubber ducky was to keep her busy and distracted with something that didn’t make a THUMP! every, single time she dropped it.  Nothing hurts my head more than her bones hitting the ground from over two feet up, while I’m doing homework.  So, this seemed like the reasonable answer.  She does have other toys, but when it comes to ones that will solidly keep her busy, well, she ran out.
If you’re a pet owner, actually an owner of a very rambunctious breed of dog, get them a rubber ducky.  I swear by it (:.
Did I get my six question, six plus part accounting homework done today?  I did.  So there ya have it.
Stay tuned for my awesome red velvet cupcakes – tomorrow.

Mason Jars

27 Jan
I can’t go a day without coffee.  Ever.  When I do, come 6 o’clock, I go through major withdrawals.  My withdrawals don’t consist of a million symptoms, just one.  A headache.  No, actually, THE headache.  This headache is so awful that I can’t leave the house, let alone walk from point a to point b in the house.  I’m paralyzed.  Sad, isn’t it?
My coffee addiction today was satisfied.  Just as the coffee maker beeped at me to let me know “hey, hellooo, I’m ready”, I realized that I didn’t have a clean mug – and the dishwasher was running.  I looked at where all of our mugs and glasses are, nothing, nada.  I was in absolutely no mood to burn my hand whilst using a water glass.  No, sirry!  Then it dawned on me, “that mason jar is the same size as my regular coffee cup AND it won’t burn me”.  Sheer happiness.  I know you’re probably thinking, “why didn’t she just grab a dirty mug and wash it???”.  Well, ya see, I was just beyond lazy.  Worst case scenario, I would have definitely cleaned one up.
The mason jar coffee cup, indeed, was a success.  I got my daily dose and was drinking out of glass wear that I am seriously drawn to.  I’ve got bunches of mason jars in my room.  They hold my pens, pencils, paint brushes as well as some of my paints.  They’re even in my bathroom, keeping my cotton puffs and q-tips nice and clean.
My next DIY project, which I stumbled on to via Pinterest (as usual), will consist of a mason jar; sand, dirt, rocks, or all; and a candle.  A mason jar lantern, brilliant isn’t it?!  Here’s the link, Make it Do by Calli.  She’s got some pretty great “make it do” projects.  This by far being my favourite.  Cannot wait to try them out!
Oh, also, I do plan to use this INSIDE and outside.  I’ll probably make a couple just as candle holders :).
Homework beckons once again.
As I was on the Flipboard app on my iPhone, I came across the cuppow!  Oh the endless possibilities for mason jars ;)