About …Me

Over a year has passed since I decided to start writing my daily happenings, however, for some odd reason I didn’t go through with it.  I’m now realizing that I wish I had.  A lot has happened in the last year.  Way too much for me to type out now, but a lot of life changing decisions and occurrences.
So, this post is pretty much a nice little recap of who I am.
I am an analytical, stubborn, diligent, practical and self-sufficient 24 year old.  I’m also a cynic and a skeptic.  I meow randomly, have music ADD and smile a lot.  Or laugh a lot.  Either/or.
The idea behind this is the same it was when I started (back in 2010), to just write, to have an outlet, to share whatever is happening in my daily life.  Like I said before, moments are moments, good or bad.
Oh, and by the way….My name is Denise :)

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