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The Ugly Christmas Sweater

20 Dec
It’s been a few days since I’ve written anything, I’ve been meaning to but work and Christmas shopping has taken over my life. I’ve been meaning to write about the ugly Christmas sweater contest Terasen gas and the Canucks are having. The grand prize winner gets two Canucks tickets to the January 21st game against the Sharks and a Canucks jersey. How awesome is that?! Now you’re probably wondering why I’m writing about this. There’s gotta be a reason, right? Well, there is. One of my best friends has been selected as one of the 10 finalists!! The more votes she gets the more chances she has to win! So, please vote :). The link is: and she is “Ugly Sweater #8”.
Although I am slightly bias, I honestly think her sweater is the ugliest. Seriously, black feathers?! Lol. Regardless, that thing sure has come in handy. Kinda wish I had an ugly Christmas sweater ;).


Last night

15 Dec

I’m a huge Starbucks fiend. Huge.
I have a regular Starbucks I go to, quite often – with friends. Most of the baristas know us or have come to recognize us.
Starbucks hasn’t always had a loyalty program instilled and even now that they’ve started one, it’s still not all that great. However, when you go to a location that truly does appreciate your business that is a loyalty program on its own. For example…last night one of my best friends and I decided to go for a late night coffee run. Or in our case a Caramel Apple Spice run. When we got there they were giving out samples of their Cranberry Bliss bars (to die for) and when it was my turn to order an pay I got an extra sample. After having two samples I was thinking of ordering one, but our regular barista decided to come up to where we were seated and give us one instead. Yum.
It’s customer service like that that has kept me from going to other locations in my area. Not because I get free treats but because of how I, as a customer, am treated.
There’s my daily rant :).
Recap? Even the littlest of kind gestures can turn a persons day around.

Afternoon walk

13 Dec
As dog owners, it’s a given that we must walk our dogs but it wasn’t till today (well technically yesterday) that I thought about how many steps I do while walking Mila.  For some, it’s a silly thought but if you think about it it really isn’t all that bad to keep track.  I figured, being an Apple fiend and all, that there must be an app for keeping track!  I decided to download a few and give them a shot on our daily walk.  The apps I liked best was one simply named “Pedometer” (free) and “Walkmeter” ($4.99).  These apps listed not only my steps but also distance, calories, lap time etc.  As silly as it sounds, I’m excited to use thess apps more often to get a better idea of what one I like more..  I love the idea of knowing the distance I walk her and it helps in my new found resolution to lose weight – I know it’s not New Years yet ;).



11 Dec
I’m laying in bed, wide awake, trying to figure out what to do to pass time and tire myself out.
I’ve resorted to writing!

A few days ago I was out Christmas shopping and decided Mila needed a new toy. I couldn’t figure out what to get her then I realized that she didn’t have a rope bone to play with any more. So the type of toy was decided. Now it was deciding between the “name brand” toy or the “no-name” toy. You’re probably wondering what the big deal is but you try deciding! Typically a name brand product is tried and true where as this no-name I’ve no idea about! The difference between the two was size and price. The name brand was small and roughly $8 and the no-name was quite a bit bigger for $6. Hmm hmm. Oh! And the no-name was minty (which I wasn’t too sure about). In the end I went with the $6 no-name rope bone due to the fact that Mila goes through toys and bones like there’s no tomorrow.
I’m glad I went with that one for a number of reasons.
1. She absolutely loved it -the mint was a hit
2. She won’t leave the thing alone which means she would have gone through the smaller one within days.
3. It’s been a great tool to help her not chew on other things – which has been quite hard to stop her from doing.

Sometimes, ya just gotta go for the better deal :)

Oh! By the way, Mila is a 6 month old Australian Shepherd x Collie.


9 Dec
For the last little while I have been looking for the right shade of red lipstick or lipgloss.  Everything I have tried on just didn’t have that OOMF! I was looking for.  Or, to be quite honest, it just wasn’t the prettiest red – on me at least.  However, my hunt came to an end last night.  Hooray!  I’ve never really looked at any of the Kat Von D cosmetics, aside from her tattoo cover up – which by the way is fantastic – but when I tried on the Painted Love lipgloss in Rosary, I was sold.  I don’t know what my huge fascination with red lips is.  But if you’re looking for a darker shade of red, I HIGHLY recommend this colour.  It’s not too dark, but it’s not obnoxious candy-apple red (which, lets be honest, most people can’t pull off).  It’s more of a….dark burgundy.  Red is a very difficult colour, in the worst of cases it can make the wearer’s teeth look disgustingly yellow and unkempt.  Not a look most of us are going for, yes?  Lol.  Anyways!  This lipgloss cost me $18 (sans tax) last night, but it’s now going for half price!  Available in Homegirl as well as Prayer.  Homegirl is listed as more of a dark plummy brown and Prayer is a mauve brown.  In case you were wondering :)
After a month of looking, I can happily wake up in the morning, shower, get ready and throw on my red lipgloss.  I don’t know how long I’ll be in this phase for, I’m enjoying the Hispanic flare for now.  Besides, if you know me, and you’re reading this…You know that I don’t wear a lot of colour, so this bit is a nice change.  At least that’s my point of view and lets be honest, as long as I’m happy – most people around me are too.  So, modest moment recap?  The littlest of things can make you happy!